Our Treatments


As a team of Professionals we work with patients with common mental health problems. We provide treatments that include; therapy for depression to childhood trauma. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, we offer a highly personalised approach tailored to each of our patients individual needs to help attain the personal recovery they are striving towards.

The treatments we provide are;

Counselling for Depression - counselling uses a variety of techniques to help the patient work towards exploring and understanding the nature of their problem in order to find more fulfilling ways to maintain their mental health.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy IPT - for moderate to severe depression

Counselling for Childhood Trauma

Counselling for Low Self Esteem, Self Worth - this may involve a number of therapy approaches including CBT techniques.

Counselling for Stress related to Life Events

Prolonged Grief Disorder

for Interpersonal Relationship Issues

Trauma Focused Integrative Therapy for Trauma related to: Childhood Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Abuse, Extraordinary Life Events where lives are threatened.

EMDR Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing - for the treatment of PTSD.

All therapy is strictly confidential. We work to a strict code of professional ethics and practice laid down by our professional accrediting bodies. All therapy sessions are about 45-50 mins in duration and the frequency of sessions is generally weekly.